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About Us

"You don't have to struggle in silence. You can be un-silent"

We are so passionate about improving the mental health situation in our community so that no one ever feels alone or helpless in a hard situation.

Come learn more about us!


Our Story

The first idea of HOPE was born in 2016 when Ally found her passion for non-profit charitable work and volunteering. Since then HOPE has evolved from a school group which fundraised for charities, to a self-help social media page to the non-profit mental health initiative it is today.

The last part was quite a journey though! So how did that happen? 

When our founder, Ally, started at an international school in Hong Kong in 2020. She met students who were struggling with mental health. She wanted to support them as a friend but at the same time felt they deserved more support. 

As she widened her search, she learnt about the limitations of mental health resources in Hong Kong:​

  • high financial cost

  • often short-term

  • requiring parental consent

As a result, she decided to start an accessible service herself, so that the people she cared about could have access to the mental health resources they deserved.

And we hope you are able to benefit from this too!

Organizations we have worked with

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