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for Mental Health Action

No one deserves to feel alone or unable to access mental healthcare. So we took a stand to create the change needed for you.


HOPE is a youth-led non-profit organization making mental health support accessible to young people internationally. Focusing on cultural sensitivity through mental health education, peer support and youth advocacy and leadership training, HOPE stands out with its unique empowerment approach and youth participation.

Our vision is to see self-sustaining wellness ecosystems in every community.

Why us:

Regardless of race, ethnicity, cultural, faith, religious background, geography or other factors, every single young person has the right to healthcare. Unfortunately, there are many barriers young people face. Beyond accessibility issues, existing services often do not incorporate youth participation, so supports may not be youth-friendly.


We're here to bridge that gap by working with communities and individuals to make mental health support accessible to youth globally. 

Blogs and Resources

We have an array of upcoming events, blogs, workshops, and activities that strive to be both fun and educational. We strive to create a community where everyone feels listened to and supported. Our goal is to make mental health accessible and provide a safe space for everyone. 


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Organizations we have worked with

Aeria Studio Hong Kong
Baptist Oi Kwan Social Services
Coolminds Hong Kong Talk it out
ITS Tutorial School Logo in blue
The Cross Cultural Service Association of Ontario
The New Normal Hong Kong logo

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