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5 Tips to ace your Cover Letters!

Interested in the HOPE Internship Program? Here are your our top tops for applying!

  1. Address the person you are speaking to.

  2. Why this organization and position? Why are you passionate about what we do?

  3. Who are you and what can you bring to the team?

  4. Examples of qualifications and/or experiences (extracurriculars or work experience) relevant to role.

  5. Summarize key points.

Your cover letter should fill around 1 A4 page with 12 point simple font (eg. Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman)

Download sample coverletter with feedback:

Effective Cover Letter - Biology
Download PDF • 76KB

For more information on how to write an effective coverletter (or even a resume), we recommend exploring the career resources from the University of Toronto:

For more details about the 2023 HOPE Internship Program, please see here

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