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Are You Ready to Join Our Team? Tips for Applying to Work with Us

Our application process requires you to submit a resume, coverletter and reference.


In your resume, you should include the following:

  1. Black and White, in word or PDF Format

  2. Summary or Highlights of Experiences and Skills section

  3. Education section

  4. Relevant experiences and extra curricular activities

  5. Interests

For examples of formatting your reference, we recommend exploring the career resources from the University of Toronto:


In your coverletter, you should address the following questions:

  1. What position are you applying for?

  2. When are you available?

  3. Why do you want to work with us specifically, in your chosen role?

  4. What relevant skills/experiences do you have that would support your ability to be in this role?

  5. What do you hope to gain from working with us?


A reference is a letter of recommendation that can support your application by confirming an individual's personality, academic, work experience or other. We accept both academic references and professional references. Unfortunately we are unable to accept references from friends and family members at this time.

What should be included in a reference:

  • Type of Relationship and how referee knows the applicant

  • Referee's perspective of the Experience/Skills/Attributes of the applicant

  • Name and contact details of referee

For more information on references, we recommend exploring the career resources from the University of Toronto: 

You can submit your application by sending us an email to:

Best of Luck! We look forward to receiving your application.


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