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Our Story

HOPE started off as a dream of an 11-year old to represent and voice the issues facing those in-need and enact change.

Our earliest days began with small local fundraisers for animal welfare and environmental charities, and school environmental campaigns against the use of palm oil. We encouraged youth across all walks of life to join us, and commended those with a passion and wanted to support them in social action across any of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 


Our transition into mental health began in 2019. Our Founder had been diagnosed with a mental health condition for some time, and she decided she wanted to take action to support her friends who were similarly struggling.

She recognized other young people in-need may not have the resources and ability to access mental health supports due to a variety of reasons and decided to create the services she wished she could have had. And so, began the mental health work at HOPE. 

Some highlights from our journey...

In 2021, we received our first award from United World College South East Asia (Singapore) and made our first public appearance as a guest speaker at the Annual Coolminds Youth Mental Health Summit (Hong Kong). 

In 2023, we gained national recognition in Hong Kong as the Youth Wellness Mentor of the Year.

In March 2024, we gained international recognition across the Asia-Pacific with the Global Citizen Youth Leaders Award. This achievement also provided us with our first source of funding for us to finally commence the charity registration process.


This journey at HOPE has evolved across almost 10 years and we hope you join us for the next milestones ❤️

Yours truly,

Screen Shot 2022-04-13 at 09.58.03.png

CEO and Founder of HOPE

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