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Alanna Sethi at the Global Citizen Now Melbourne Summit 2024

Our Story

In 2020, our founder, Alanna moved to Hong Kong where she started at an international school to complete her high-school education. It was the beginning of the global Covid-19 pandemic and many changes were occurring in schools and many households. 


During this time, she met many students who experiencing difficulties with their mental health - from academic stress, to experiencing suicidal thoughts to anxiety and panic attacks. Many students felt they could not go to the school counselor or access hotlines. Alanna wanted to support them as a friend, but at the same time felt they deserved more support. 

 She looked to explore external resources and services she could recommend to her friends. As she widened her search, this brought to her the attention of the limitations of mental health support:​​

  • high financial cost

  • often short-term

  • requiring parental consent if a minor

As a result, she decided to start an accessible service herself, so that the people she cared about could have access to the mental health resources they deserved.

And we hope you are able to benefit from this too!

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