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Our Projects

Our goal is to create self-sustaining wellness ecosystems, where youth communities are empowered with mental health education, peer support and youth leadership training

Accessible Digital Resources

We are working on developing an Asynchronous E-Module on Mental Flourishing through Sensory Foraging inspired by the latest research from Better in Every Sense by Dr. Norman Farb and Dr. Zindel Segal. A podcast is also in the works! 

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Mental Health Research

Our team members are involved in research to advance mental health education with evidence proven facts. Currently we are investigating the global use of language for mental health to facilitate healthy conversations for peer support, and mindfulness-based practices to manage stressors and reduce depressive symptoms.


School and Community Partnerships

We are working to co-design and deliver community and culture-specific mental health programming with youth representatives. This includes workshops, speaking engagements, experiential wellness activities and more!

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