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Your First Reference

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Interested in the HOPE Internship Program? Here are your our top tops for applying!

A reference is a letter of recommendation that can support your application by confirming an individual's personality, academic, work experience or other.

A character reference can be an essential part of your application to showcase what type of person you are. This can give a company an idea of what you might be like to work with. Most professionally, a character reference may come from an academic instructor or an employer.

For the purposes of the 2023 HOPE Internship Program, you can also include references from friends or neighbours if other references are not available.

What should be included in a reference:

  • Type of Relationship and how referee knows the applicant

  • Referee's perspective of the Experience/Skills/Attributes of the applicant

  • Name and contact details of referee

For more information on references, we recommend exploring the career resources from the University of Toronto:

For more details about the 2023 HOPE Internship Program, please see here


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