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We raised $2700!! - Yin Yoga Fundraiser

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

To celebrate National Stress Awareness Day (3rd November 2021), one of our mental health ambassadors, Alanna Sethi, volunteered to teach a Relaxing Yin Yoga Class to help our local community destress and help to fundraise for OCD & Anxiety Hong Kong, a local mental health non-profit organization in Hong Kong.

Our lovely space was kindly sponsored by Aeria Studio, Kennedy Town - Thank you!

Yin Yoga is a style of yoga based on Traditional Chinese Medicine to help target the connective tissues, for example the fascia, ligaments, joints and bones.

Our yoga workshops focus on helping students to relax both their body and mind, in a safe and non-judgmental space. In this relaxing class, students were reminded that they had the option to adjust their position in any posture during the class to make it more comfortable for them, with occasional tips and variations provided to ensure comfort in each pose.

During the yin yoga class, students spent a few minutes on each pose, allowing their body to fully relax into the pose, allowing a gentle stretch in the connective tissues. To accommodate for the working population, poses were structured with a focus on relaxing the mind and reducing discomfort from our upper and lower back and relieving tension in the hips. During this quiet practise, students were given the time and space to be introspective and mindful, including a calming breathwork practise.

Our feedback from the class was extremely positive. All the students excitedly shared with the teacher how relaxing they found the class, with one of the students saying: “It was the most relaxing yoga class I’ve ever taken!”

We look forward to running more yoga workshops to help our local community relax and destress soon!

Additionally, we are so excited to announce that we have raised a total of $27000 HKD

(over £250) for OCD & Anxiety Hong Kong. All of our donations will be going directly to support their new low-cost counselling centre, Rainbow of HOPE. With our total that we have raised, we will be able to help sponsor 3 adults to receive their full low-cost treatment at OCD & Anxiety Hong Kong.

Rainbow of HOPE will be assisting adults with mental health problems through providing six one-to-one sixty minute counselling sessions with their qualified counsellors, where they will be able to receive professional support in a safe, non-judgmental and confidential environment.

Please email for more information if you would like to donate or use this service.

If you would like to contribute to supporting your local mental health community in Hong Kong, please email us at to see how you can get involved!


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