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Community Yoga Workshop at Baptist Oi Kwan Social Services

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

With reminders of self care ending after the World Mental Health Day celebrations in October, this doesn’t mean we stop taking care of our mental health. Your mental health matters just as much as ever.

And to remind our society of the importance of self care, one of our mental health ambassadors, Alanna Sethi, volunteered for Baptist Oi Kwan Social Services on Friday evening (November 5th 2021) to host a Community Yoga Class for youth at the centre.

The yoga class was fun and lively, with participants conversing excitedly with each other as they tried different poses and experimented with how this felt for their body.

We were so happy to receive so much positive feedback and hear from the participants themselves from how they found the session:

“Really enjoyable! It’s my first time to Yoga, a good experience.”
“It’s quite fun to try yoga for the first time”
Tutor provided much space for participants + encouraging”
“Good experience! Voice so gentle, posture is so good!”
“Relaxing. Clear my mind.”

We did have one suggestion from a participant, which was:

“More and more, longer and longer :)”

We look forward to coming back to Baptist Oi Kwan Social Services and running another Yoga session soon!

For more information about the services Baptist Oi Kwan Social Services, please refer to their website at or email them at .

If you are interested in requesting for us to come and teach a private individual or group yoga class, either for charitable or personal causes, please send us an inquiry at to let us know.


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