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Reflecting on Global Citizen Now: Melbourne!

In March 2024, our CEO, Alanna Sethi, had the amazing opportunity to fly to Melbourne as a recipient of the Global Citizen Youth Leaders Award. Honoring 32 young changemakers from across the Asia-Pacific, this summit was held discuss ideas, empower youth and catalyze action.

Visual Description: One female and one male presenter celebrating 32 Global Citizen Youth Leader Awardees on a screen at the Palais Theatre.

Here are some key highlights:

Visual Description: A group of Global Citizen Youth Leader Awardees and the US Youth Envoy at the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria.

1. Connecting in with nature and learning about Indigenous culture at the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

2. Building connections and learning from awe-inspiring young changemakers from across the Asia-Pacific region

3. Understanding the importance of humanness in social impact work..

"Vision drives impact"!

The opportunity to learn, be inspired and connect was priceless.

"I'm so grateful for the understanding and support in this  [2024 Global Citizen Youth Leaders] community of visionaries" - Alanna Sethi

Youth advocacy has its challenges, from finding sources of funding and understanding legal paperwork and policy, to time constraints and external and internal pressures. At the same time, it is also incredibly impactful, meaningful and valuable to the individual and the community. Recognizing our challenges, Global Citizen has supported us not only with our first source of funding (!!!) but also through creating a network for peer support and empowerment.

We are so grateful, and cannot wait to put this funding to good use.

Thank you Global Citizen! ❤️


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