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Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Create to Express is a Mental Health Awareness Campaign by HOPE, where individuals all around the globe are encouraged to share their perspective of their thoughts or experiences around mental health in any way they like!

We aim to share all the perspectives we receive on the HOPE social media, to encourage everyone to feel more comfortable talk about all areas of mental health.

How to take part:

  1. Think about an area of mental health you want to raise awareness about 💭

  2. Express your perspective in any creative way you like 🎨

note: all submissions from individuals in Hong Kong will be entered into a lucky draw (gifts from Lululemon and The Body Shop)!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Express yourself in any way you like. And feel free to get creative!

Sometimes it can be easier to express ourself through art or poetry, music or movement, a vlog or theatre. It’s completely up to you!

  • No area of mental health is off limits, because all experiences matter and we want people to feel more comfortable being able to talk about all areas of mental health.

However, we recognize that there may be some areas of mental health which may be triggering for some, in which case, we would request that if this is an area you would like to express yourself about, then please either include a trigger warning, or we can help you put one together before reposting, so that viewers have the opportunity to decide for themselves, whether they feel like they’re in the right headspace to view your post.

  • You can submit either anonymously or be credited.

If you choose to be reposted anonymously, you can still take part in the lucky draw. We won’t share your name with anyone else, but if you win, you’ll still get a gift from us and will your personal information will only be used in contacting you to pass on your prize.

  • We’d love to say thank you to everyone for taking part, although due to budget restrictions, we’re only able to open a lucky draw for Hong Kong based participants.

Note, this is not a competition, as we believe that mental health isn’t a competition. Everyone’s thoughts and experience are equally valid and matter.

Your voice matters. Your feelings are valid. And we hope to raise mental health awareness together with you. Be a part of change :)


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