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How can I get involved with HOPE?

To volunteer as a member of HOPE or to join an activity run by HOPE, feel free to DM @helpingourplanetearth on Instagram. You should hear back between 24-48 hours later with further details.

How can I volunteer for HOPE?

We believe in giving our members tasks that they are passionate about and interested in so you are welcome to suggest ideas for projects. 

Otherwise, some areas you can help us are with:

  • Assisting us with creating an online course about how to practise and apply self care tips in daily life

  • Writing blogs and social media resources about application of self help to our daily lives

  • Hosting and organizing supportive community activities

  • Volunteering as a Peer Support Volunteer

We would also encourage members to share any difficulties they are facing, so that they can be supported to the best of our ability.

What is funding for HOPE used for and how can I donate?

HOPE uses funding on

  1. organizing and running activities (eg. rental, teacher payment, materials, food and drinks)

  2. donating to Mental Health Organizations in Hong Kong that provide subsided or low cost counselling and therapy (OCDAHK)

  3. for administrative and promotional costs (eg. website hosting) 

Note, any funding for 3), will come directly from the HOPE team. We want to ensure that any donations that we receive from you, are being used to create more and better support services for you. 

How can I get involved with HOPE?

Thank you for thinking about donating to us!

To donate to HOPE, you may either donate via:


When donating, please let us know that this is a donation for HOPE, and your name, if you would like us to acknowledge your donations on our website or social media pages.

Can HOPE provide counseling/therapy or crisis support? 

Unfortunately we are unable to provide these services as we are a team of students and are not trained professionals. Although we do have a peer support service you can try, for more information please go to our Services Page.

We can also share with you a community directory, including hotlines and charities you can try for support.

Can HOPE members keep information confidential?

HOPE members may share details with their team leader, so they can ask for advice with how to support users with various situations. However, identifying information will not be revealed unless the HOPE member believes that the user is at risk of harm to themselves or others.

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