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Recruiting Mental Health Ambassadors

We are looking for 2 volunteers to assist with a collaborative project between HOPE and Hong Kong NGO Project Body Banter (

We are extremely excited to share that we will be working directly alongside the Founder and Executive Director of Body Banter, Stephanie Ng (Ba Psychology, MA Clinical Psychology) as well as their student interns.

The Project - Self Care E-Module With limited low-cost mental health support in Hong Kong, we understand that it can be challenging receiving advice on what to do to improve your mental health. So we want to create an online course to share key evidence-based tips and skills that are proven to help and explain why! In order to create a helpful resource for YOU, we will be organizing focus groups to deepen our understanding of what you want to gain from this course. We aim to be sharing skills applicable for those with or without mental health conditions (eg. experiencing stress, anxiety, low mood, depression ect.) so that everyone has something that they can take something away from this course!

How can I get involved? Join HOPE as a Mental Health Ambassador Role and help us with the development of the Body Banter x HOPE Self Care E-Module.

For more information, please contact:

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