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We have a wide variety of volunteer roles for young people to get involved with creating an impact in Youth Mental Health. We accept youth aged 16+, and are always happy to provide training and mentorship opportunities to empower young people to progress in their careers. 

For mental healthcare practitioners or NGO-Management mentors looking to support us through our Advisory Board, please contact us directly. 

Our Work Structure

All our positions are remote, flexible hours (2-6 hours per week) and on a voluntary basis.


A leadership role involving high level of initiative. specialism and expertise in your department, pursuit of continuing education, supervision of a team and passion.


Minimum time: 1 year


A long-term mentorship opportunity to develop experience in your area of interest.

*2-month Mental Health training is provided only to interns. 

Minimum time: 6 months


A short-term way to give back to youth mental health by contributing and building on your existing skills on a project that needs your help.

Minimum time: Project-by-Project

Explore Open Positions

Human Resources & Administration

Human Resources Manager (Director Role)

  • Support recruitment and orientating new HOPE Youth Staff and volunteers 

  • Keep track of current tasks, projected outcomes, timeline and legal paperwork

  • Guide continuing education and skill development training for youth staff 

Requirements: Independent, Emotionally Mature, Good Communication, Organized

Preferred: Legal, Humanities or Business-related Students (university) 

Social Media & Marketing

Director of Social Media & Marketing

  • Create accessible social media posts, design mental health resources and more.

  • Launch a mental health podcast

  • Implement marketing strategies like SEO, SEM and community collaborations.

Requirements: experience in content creation or design, Independent, Emotionally Mature, Good Communication, Organized, Creative

Finance & Accounting

Director of Finance & Accounting

  • Help HOPE manage budgeting and transparent finances

  • Coordinate with Accountant for effective book-keeping 

  • Support grant writing, fundraising and financial strategy decision-making

Requirements: current or graduated Business Student (university), Independent, Emotionally Mature, Good Communication, Organized

Outreach & Partnerships 

Director of Outreach & Partnerships

  • Help HOPE connect with school organizations, charities, community centres and corporates for collaborations

  • Develop pitch decks and grant applications

  • Explore funding opportunities, grant writing and fundraising

Requirements: current or graduated Business Student (university), Independent, Emotionally Mature, Good Communication, Organized, Ability to work with others

Wellbeing & Mental Health

Wellbeing Coordinator (Director Role)

  • Develop and implement projects

  • Supervise & mentor interns & volunteers

  • Liaise with other departments to advise on related projects.  

  • Option for in-person work through offline programming in your region

Requirements: Psychology/Healthcare-related fields, Independent, Eagerness to Learn, Leadership, Emotionally Mature, Good Communication

IT & Technology

Director of IT & Technology

  • Improve website user experience and engagement

  • Develop chatbot for website

  • Support tech-aspects of current Mental Health Research and projects for HOPE

Requirements: experience in coding or website design, Independent, Emotionally Mature, Good Communication, Organized, Creative

Preferred: Computer Science-related Students (university) 


Interested in applying? Please send an email to with a CV, Coverletter, and 1 Reference letter.


Our accepted application format and advice can be found here.

For Questions, please submit an enquiry below:

Thanks for submitting!

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