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Our Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is made up of a team in professionals, ranging from psychologists and a psychiatrist to a mental health content creator! As a result, our advisory board has a wide scope of expertise in various fields to help support us with both the technical, informative, organizational aspects of HOPE, and more! Scroll down to find out more about our individual Advisory Board Members.


Dr. Julia Andre

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Andre (or Julia) is a Hong Kong based Registered Psychologist (HKPS) and Accredited Clinical Supervisor who is passionate about the human mind since her very early years and received her clinical training in Germany. She is a big fore-stander of integrative therapy and is specialised in Schema and EMDR therapy with a main focus on trauma treatment, recurrent anxiety and depression, relationship problems, and chronic health conditions including cancer support


Dr. Keith Hariman

Specialist in Psychiatry 

(MindWorX Clinic, OT&P Healthcare)

Keith started his medical school career at Imperial College London and eventually completed his medical training at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He trained at Castle Peak Hospital and Queen Mary Hospital and also has a Master’s degree in Public Health. He has worked in various fields of psychiatry, and is particularly interested in using technology in managing mental illnesses. 

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Winnie Chiu

Chartered Psychologist

& Life Coach

Having over 14 years of psychological and counseling experience, Winnie uses a unique combination of psychodynamic psychotherapy, hypnosis, emotion-focused therapy & EMDR, to make the treatment unique and flexible for different individuals. Additionally, she has also delivered various workshops and trainings for organizations on stress management, and psychological well-being.

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Dr. Ken Fung

Clinical Psychologist

Ken is a clinical psychologist who is experienced in providing therapy to children, teenagers, adults, couples and families with different emotion and communication issues using CBT, psychodynamic therapy, and Gottman Method Therapy.


He was named the Top 100 Healthcare Leaders by International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare (IFAH) in 2019, and one of the 50 Influencers in 2020 by Hong Kong Living magazine for his voluntary work, where he provided online support to people struggling with relationship and emotional problems since 2013.


Aaron Stadlin-Robbie

Co-founder & Host of

Talking Mental

As a long-term sufferer of anxiety and panic attacks and dedicated advocate for mental health anti-stigma campaigns, Aaron’s mission is to start meaningful and most importantly relatable conversations on the subject.

Aaron is a very experienced host and presenter having hosted multiple live TALKING MENTAL events. He has also worked with high profile corporate partners to provide informative and informal advice to employees and clients alike.

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